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This term, ‘inconsistency’ has often irritated me and displeased me! Ironically it has also made me yearn for understanding so I can have a life that is meaningful and  overflowing with abundance. It has taught me the significance of regularity.

For myself It is not being consistent in principles and conduct ALONE. It is not staying the same throughout. It is changing your behavior according to the given situation. Slowly inconsistency becomes a habit and hard to break.

While we can work towards eliminating this habit, I have pushed mine like many other  people; under the carpet and deny that I’ve ever been inconsistent. But Life itself is inconsistent!!! Things are good one minute and down the next. Just have to stay balanced somehow if your really want to benefit.

Let me explain with the help of a very small example:

I’ve been planning to  think better worry less and relate better  ! Always  planning! Let’s pretend I’m  waiting for the right time; I feel like starting when I’m a bit more free; I wants to start soon though. But I come up with excuses when you ask me

Here is my excuses :

  • I have so many responsibilities. I feel so tired.
  • I have other obligation
  • I think my priorities are different than others.

I can dismiss this example with a lighthearted laughter,its important to  understand that consistency defines our personality and  our behavior

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently. 

We can’t set goals of putting in work or  expecting  anything from others if we ourselves arent consistently doing what is required of us.

BE ACTIVE in what you  Say and  BE ACTIVE in what you DO.

So wish me the best as  I shape my life with simple works of consistency; one day at a time …








That’s your defining moment.


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