Klouds full of smoke and bars: Ray Fame

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One of the faces of the ICMG / 2 Deep movement that is making a name for itself on the indie scene in NYC, Ray fame is the silent killer lyrically with a charisma that sets him apart from his contemporaries.  A native of Harlem, who has called the Chelsea area and South Bronx his home Ray Fame is quickly becoming a hallmark on the showcasing circuit with plans to dominate media in the near future.   His recent release, sophomore EP Smoke Klouds, has brought attention to his song making ability and opened many more eyes and ears.  His forthcoming When The Smoke Clears full album is said to be the piece that takes Ray Fame and his brand to the next level. We shall see. For now stream Smoke Klouds and tell a friend to tell a friend that those ICMG / 2 Deep boys are nothing to play with.


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