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Prolific NYC Rock Artist Paul Maged

Paul Maged is back and ready for a fight as he releases his long awaited EP “Fight To The Death” (FTTD).

We’re pleased to present the latest release in prolific NYC rock artist Paul Maged‘s growing catalog entitled “Fight To The Death”.

“The ultimate win is still the war within that goes on and on and on…” 

Paul Maged is back and ready for a fight as he releases his long awaited EP “Fight To The Death” (FTTD). FTTD is the third and final album in Maged’s EP trilogy, following “Light Years Away” and “The Glass River”. FTTD was delayed when Maged decided to release his political protest song, “The Resistance”, in October 2018.

FTTD will be released on June 17th and is produced by Maged’s longtime Producer Sean Gill of The Passengerz. The album will be available worldwide on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and more.

While the prior two EP’s were more socially conscious, highlighting issues such as gun control and climate change, “Fight To The Death”, save for “The Resistance” which closes out the EP, intentionally explores different sides of the human consciousness. About the EP Maged says, “I really wanted to peel back the mask to be able to express certain emotions. I was lyrically focused on purity of thought without inhibitions.” 

The title track from Paul Maged’s upcoming EP “Fight To The Death” has been selected by UFC Fight Pass & Titan Fighting Championship to be featured on their promo videos across all their social media platforms to promote their upcoming Titan FC 55 Championship event on June 28th.

Press Quotes
“THIS ECLECTIC ARTIST WILL HAVE YOU SECOND-GUESSING AND LEFT IN WONDER. Paul Maged’s ‘The Glass River’ is quite possibly the greatest and most entertaining album you will ever listen to.” –
“Paul Maged has written a protest song, “The Resistance” and it’s not just opinion and clever lyrics, it’s really excellent, hard driving, toe-tapping, head-banging rock.” –
“Paul Maged proves rock ‘n’ roll isn’t dead; it just needed a reason to get out of bed in the morning.” –

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