Dee Dee Williams is known in the powerful worlds of Sports & Entertainment. By owning a firm Dee Dee Williams has represented top athletes and adult entertainers. As a legal professional for adult entertainers, Dee Dee has immerged as a Certified Sex Coach and an advocate for Safe Sex and Sex Education Like therapists of the more conventional variety, sex coaches spend their careers examining research, developing techniques, and learning about the human condition. They use that knowledge to help clients understand themselves better.

What do sex coaches do differently from the rest of the population? What do they know that the rest of the world doesn’t? And what can “civilians” learn from the professionals?

You may be thinking, “Yeah, yeah, I talk to my partner about sex. I tell him what I need. That’s a great start, but sex coaches take it to the next level.

Coaches know what they want from a sexual encounter in advance and are ready to communicate. A sex coach will often be completely transparent and honestly communicate their intentions for the evening.

This level of transparent communication continues throughout a sex coach’s interaction with someone. A sex coach will often talk about boundaries, interests, and desires from the beginning of their sexual relationship with someone.Dee Dee Williams also known as Dee Dee The Great is a best selling author of Erotic and New Adult Educational Books. Her latest book is available now.


The Oral Sex Play Book

Host of The Xstasy Show she is bringing awareness to alot of people. She coaches without any blame, shame, or negative judgment so that clients can talk about the things that are hard to talk about and get out of shame and into pleasure and fulfillment. She works with people who are single and with people in relationships.

Sex coaching is different from therapy because it’s not focused on healing past wounds as much as it’s about creating your life in the present. So sex coaching can be therapeutic, yet it addresses your specific concerns ..

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