It’s not every day you’ll have the opportunity to chat with philosophers and passionate people. But I did. Let me introduce you to Dr. Ja’net Bishop a Transition Strategist and Self-Care Advocate in her company, Boots to Breakthrough LLC.

Native of New York City, Dr. Bishop is an author, inspirational speaker, experienced School Principal, and also a Certified Personal and Executive Coach. She’s an energetic person with a captivating laugh full of life and compassion! Whew! Let me not stop there. She has so much to offer to her community and business partners, that I can’t tell it all, but I’ll try.

Dr. Bishop believes that her purpose is to inspire people to increase their awareness of wellness and self-care in order to build their resilience, so that their personal life can support the success of their professional goals. She wants people to be intentional and to enjoy their journey.

In our conversation, she shared valuable insights on her experiences, and her goals to change lives through education and support. Using her years of experience as a leader/administrator, counselor, Veteran, and personal development coach, her engaging approach and diverse skills empowers others to achieve long-held goals.

Upon relocating to South Carolina in 2017, she continued her committed community work and is in collaboration with the Vantage Point Foundation to facilitate the two-part “Achieve Your Potential” 3-hour workshops (August 13th and 20th in Charleston, SC). This collaboration supports the foundation’s mission of assisting veterans in their transition from military service and successfully reintegrating into civilian life. The workshop will empower participants to set goals through their 8 Dimensions of Wellness and to build resilience.

Ja’net published her first book in 2015, How Much Joy is in Your Journey: A Creative Guide to Your Fearless Vision is available on

As an author and self-care advocate empowering women, she shared being a contributing author in If She Can: Inspiring Stories of Grit, Hope, and Courage (2018), also available on

She anticipates releasing a gratitude journal and another book in 2020.

Speaking with her, I learned the importance to take every opportunity to speak to audiences about what really matters to you. You’ll get a chance to influence your peers. You won’t change the world with every speech, but you can easily impact someone in some small way. In speaking powerfully, you’re impacting people’s minds about something. If you’re able to master that skill, inspire hearts and minds, and be persuasive, you will hone one of the major aspects of leadership. Dr. Bishop has an understanding and respect for how this benefits achievement.

Connecting with Dr. Ja’net Bishop, I realized how empowering it is to become a better person, communicator, and leader in your own life. It is her goal to help people to see that it is never too late to make the rest of your life to be the best of your life.

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Office: (762) 233-1118