Perception is incredibly important in business. Are you perceived as cheap and nasty or exclusive and expensive? Are you perceived as an expert and experienced or a newbie who has no idea of what you’re doing?

Perception holds a much deeper meaning than we can imagine. It plays a huge role in shaping the way we define and do things within our social life, our personal life and undoubtedly our business life. It is an extremely important aspect of business particularly when it comes to marketing

On my next radio show, I will break things down even further. This is a jewel that I’m mastering and you should too.

Effective perception.

For a consumer, it is important to know what they are investing into is worth it and for this, the business needs to market itself to prove them right. Perception is reality. The business needs to make sure that they produce advertisements that are relevant enough to convince the customer. Sometimes, businesses use trickery or manipulation to achieve this, though usually get caught out. We want to put out our best qualities to present ourselves in the best possible light.

I said that perception becomes reality. Let me explain. You have two consultants. One is great at marketing and gives the perception of being the expert. The other simply works hard, possibly is very good (maybe even the best) but because they are quiet, don’t market themselves well, the perception may not be that they are the best. How this becomes reality is that the one with the great perception gets more business, more experience and is more successful – at least financially. They are now doing really well and essentially have become better in some aspects and hence, perception has become reality.

There’s so many ways to look at perception.

These are possible examples, they are not necessarily always correct. For example, too paper based; perhaps a chunk of your clients are not prepared to be digital however, do you offer options? Can clients work digitally or traditionally?

Perception has always played an important role in business. If applied and used properly it can be a major key in helping the business grow and survive in the market. It provides the business with a perspective that will help it prosper in the future and develop leading business opportunities as well.

What perception are you putting out there? Change your way of looking at a situation and learn to experience the possibilities.

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