Longtime R&B heads want the genre to revert to the “good times,” or, more specifically, the ‘90s. I’ve lost count of how many times I wandered across Twitter and saw someone say, “I miss that ‘Singing in the rain, I want my baby back’ R&B.’” In fact, it appears so many traditional R&B fans despise R&B’s current sound, that it makes me wonder, what is the genre supposed to sound like in 2020?

Nineties R&B was full of luxurious runs, assured singing chops, blunt sexual advances, and a ton of singing in the rain; it was a time where great vocalists impressed audiences with their vocal abilities and lyrical vulnerabilities. Today, the approach has shifted to processed and computerized sounds rather than an artist’s vocal chops. That doesn’t mean it has lost its soul, but it has morphed into a crossbreed of genres, one that has allowed space for artists considered “hip-hop” to indulge in their singing dreams.

Say what you will about the purity of the genre, but Chart-topping Rising Singer-Songwriter J. Brown has something for your soul. Released Debut EP, “FOREVER YOURS” (Available NOW) R&B-tinged material has done wonders for the genre—and yes, it’s brings harmonic, super soulful vocals so many of us fell in love with, but it’s keeping R&B alive in the mainstream. Definitely, given the cyclical nature of the music. Like life itself, music should progress with the times, which helps to explain the evolution of R&B. For those fans who grew up on ‘90s R&B, J. Brown delivers.

I had the pleasure to talk to J Brown about his passionate for music and his creative drive and influences. J. Brown is a refreshing reminder of the growing simplicity of R&B, taking a minimal approach for maximum impact. You’ll find an abundance of tender vocals that deliver on equally fragile lyrics of transparency as he reverts to stripped-down basics to effectively craft memorable tracks. J Brown is a refreshing change of pace. His music makes for an amazing hold and purpose for R&B. It marks yet another passionate talent who isn’t afraid to offer up their own truth through unconventional methods.

New single, “MOON” to rave reviews. “Moon” was written by J. Brown and Steve James and produced by G.C. definitely good music for the soul.

J . Brown is currently the special guest on “The Ellevation Tour” starting the beautiful and talented Grammy-Award winning recording artist, Elle Varner. Remaining dates are as follow;

Chicago – 2.1

Nashville – 2.3

Atlanta – 2.5

New Orleans – 2.7

Dallas – 2.9

Houston – 2.10

Los Angeles – 2.14

San Francisco – 2.16