Armed and ready with this information you can put together a plan. This should include an overview of your organization and/or campaign, your aims and objectives, target audiences and messages and identify a strategic approach.

Basically have everything together.

It should also help you to pinpoint what public relations and marketing activity you can achieve within your resources and budget.

Think about how you are communicating; if someone has low literacy level then using verbal communications or reaching them through their own community group is likely to be more effective than producing reams of promotional literature which they can’t read.

Know what works for what community .. Everyone is different.

If you want to communicate with young people think about social marketing networks, merchandising likely to appeal to them, sms campaigns and peer-to-peer communications.

Most of all have a realistic budget and evaluation of everything.

Here’s a few things to consider when creating a plan :

Press releases, Conferences, Interview, or Media Tours with Radio, Television, or Press Interview also Seminars or Speaking Engagements.

Good Luck!