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Small business owners and entrepreneurs are always looking for the next step to success. In a bustling business community like Atlanta and Charleston SC; finding a great networking groups and location is essential to promoting your company, as well as learning new insights from your neighbors.

In addition to finding partners, investors, or just great friends, networking is a great way to jumpstart a new business or bounce ideas off of old pros. However, the sheer volume of networking groups and events in Atlanta compared to Charleston can broad to navigate, and even harder to make time to try a handful out. If you’re looking for somewhere to begin, seems like the south is gonna be it …

The comparison is odvious! Building developments are on the rise! Northerns are moving more South for new businesses and for retirement. What’s wrong with the North? Well there’s issue for some time with the pay scale; taxes and rent hikes that are driving northerns out of the major cities .

The cost of living in New York and New Jersey has doubled over the last few years.

Businesses  in any region need more certainty than casual resolution-makers. There’s a difference between sinking one’s own time and money in something, and sinking employees’ time and investors’ money into it. People are moving and traveling for better living and income. In the latter case, it’s important that the payoff is the ultimate goal..

I’ve seen areas in the south that were dominated by woods; old landmarks to now  bought and sold for new businesses and franchises. 2019 is just the beginning…

So go ahead, entrepreneurs: Make those resolutions — but be sure next year’s trends signal a smart investment no matter where you are …


Happy travels…..


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