A virtual assistant is like hiring a receptionist or personal assistant, except they don’t work in your office. Instead, they work remotely so you only contact them through phone or email. A virtual assistant can handle all kinds of work. Some common tasks include:

  • Answering your emails
  • Preparing and sending out invoices
  • Handling your social media accounts
  • Doing web research
  • Data entry
  • Booking your appointments and managing your schedule

There is such a range of virtual assistants that you can likely find one willing to do nearly any task.

One of the main benefits of a virtual assistant is that you’re hiring a contractor, not an employee. You don’t have to give them benefits or pay FICA taxes on their behalf so it’s much less expensive. You also only hire them when you need work, especially if you hire someone by the hour. When you don’t need them, you aren’t paying them. Finally, since there are so many virtual assistants out there, you can find someone who specializes in the work you need.

The value of your time and how effectively you use your virtual assistant. If you estimate that using an assistant will free up more of your time for high-value work, like finding new clients or working on projects.

These relationships work best when you’re willing to train your assistant. They need to understand how to do the work properly for your business. You can’t just hire someone and expect them to read your mind. Let’s not forget Communication can be a little more difficult when you hire a virtual assistant. Since the person isn’t in your office, you need to track them down by phone or email. It can be even more difficult because your assistant could be in a different time zone or even a different country.

By investing a little effort to find and train the right person, a virtual assistant can be well worth the cost. They will free up time in your busy schedule so you can spend all your energy on growing your business.