The Bronx is no longer engulfed in flames—it’s thriving, especially in the writing world thanks to the artist communities showcasing the richness of the area’s heritage and evolution. We cannot and should not ignore the contributions being made. The Bronx is unique. It’s artistic. It’s a place that lifted up some of the best musical artists of our time as well as writers.

Josué Caceres, BX Writers Founder dream and focus is for Bronxites to discover a love for reading and to engage with authors, illustrators, and creatives.

This initial anthology, celebrates the diversity that lies in and within the shared experiences of writers hailing from the Bronx borough.

The Bronx is reading! It’s never too late to cultivate a culture of reading.

How rich the culture is! The Bronx is the birthplace of hip-hop as well as home to many arts and culture institutions. The Bronx’s creative legacy has been informed and deepened by the diverse groups of immigrants who’ve settled here as well as through the efforts of cultural leaders serving some of the nation’s poorest districts.

When I think of the Bronx, Fordham Road comes to mind. It might seem odd, but walking up and down that area is where I purchased a ton of urban fiction books from street vendors. Of course Yankee Stadium is the iconic landmark that everyone thinks of but I see new art spaces as being the next big thing. The Bronx culture is and forever will be necessary in history.

BX Writers Anthology’ is definitely worth checking out. As a fellow Bronx Native, I cosign and support.

Salute to all the writers involved.