Meet Hip Hop Artist Tario aka TDot

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Originally from Kinston Nc, I started rapping when i noticed I could write poetry. I had a drive like no other to be something I never thought I would become. Rapping was never something I could see myself doing until I started seeing all the fame, respect, women, money and talent there is out there. With that thought. I got lost in just that aspect for a while. Realizing the power of music, sound, words, energy and more all in one, I renewed my thought of rapping to just tell a story, inspire or just to create art for the ears.

Now with a passion from writing and an itch for the next microphone I’m at it everyday to get to the top where everybody is listening to one of my songs or at least heard of who I am. Now claiming the best from my town and where I currently reside, I will do anything to get my place in the rap industry. Watch out world, Tdot is here!!

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