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Born May 27th, 1992 in Florida but moved to Atlanta at a young age Jermaine Grier A.k.a Jay Raw is a up & coming artist.
Jay was the oldest out of his 5 brothers and sisters, they grew up in a broken home his parents split and his father moved
to Florida when he was only 2 years old. Growing up his life was in a balance between being good and bad he had allot of
friends and was well known in his neighborhood which was located in East Atlanta in the Edgewood projects. He was being
raised by his mother, her boyfriend & grandmother. It was a struggle due to him having to sleep in the same bed with all of
his siblings and having to share 1 bathroom with the whole household. Jay grew up listening to T.I., Gucci Mane, Outkast,
& Lil’ Wayne just to name a few artists. He was inspired into doing music because of watching 2Pac, Gucci Mane,
Michael Jordan, & Lil’ Wayne.

Jay & his family stayed in Atlanta till he was 12 years old than moved with his family to Florida at 13 he chose to visit
his father and was moving back and forth between his mothers and fathers house. He started getting into music as
an artist at the age of 15 but didn’t take it seriously till the age of 18. When starting out he would beat on desks due
to him having anger issues one day his uncle told him the best way to relieve his anger was to write down how he
was feeling at the time he was angry. He continued writing music for about 2 years till one of his friends named
Tye introduced him to another friend who was a producer who had a studio, Jay asked him if he could come and
check out his studio one day he said yes than after one month of waiting Jay finally went to his studio during that
time the producer was working on a beat and played it for him to check out the producer told him to go ahead and
rap so he picked a song from his notebook that he had wrote down and started rapping, once finished the producer
started giving him feedback on bettering his style.

When he was 16 his mother kicked him out because he stopped going to high school, he chose to stay with his
father which didn’t last long due to him getting into trouble allot & catching a case at 17 for battery on a leo &
resisting arrest he went to jail for about a day or two before being released on own recognizance. He caught
many cases from 2007-2009 from failing to appear to attempted murder. At 20 years old he went to prison for
catching a charge for attempted arson and was sentenced to 4 years in New River Work Camp & 4 years of
probation. Once he was released from prison & successfully completing his probation he
starting going to the studio almost everyday.

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At 24 years old he performed his first song titled “My Name” at a club in Gulfport, Florida which than led to 14
more continuous shows, he is working on releasing a mixtape scheduled for a summer release date
titled “Raw Shit Volume 1”. In March 2018 he ended up partnering with Colossal Music
Group / Colossal Records based out of California & Florida. Jay Raw has a bright
future ahead of him and plans on expanding his name and brand musically overseas.

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