The game will not be the same again…

Hey music lovers I’m Cash ITB the ITB stands for In The Bank 

I’ve been rapping since JR high 

Some of my major influences are Jay-Z an Biggie it’s funny because like the both of them I’ve never written a rhyme or song in a notebook, notepad, paper or phone it’s all in my head my brain is my rhyme book it’s a gift 

Since the passing of my sister last year I’ve been focusing even more on my music she was my biggest fan an supporter an my inspiration 

Overall I just want to be heard as soon as I’m heard I feel like there is no limit to how far I take my music 

My style is rap hip hop feel good mood music that creates a vibe for whom ever is listening 

I feel I have my own style I bring a unique sound to my music I’m not trying to sound like what’s out or anyone else just being me 

I love to perform the energy an feeling I get when I’m on stage is out of this world I get lost in the crowd it’s a really dope feeling 

You can check me out on IG @cashitb an can go an subscribe to my YouTube page Cash ITB an you can email me at I got new music coming real soon stay tuned