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Brian Hickey (born January 1, 1982) better known by his stage name Hizzey is a artist born in Tucson, Arizona but
was raised in Oregon. Growing up in southern Oregon he listened to a lot of Bay Area music due to the heavy
influence it had over there, he listened to Too Short, Mac Dre, E40, Brotha Lynch Hung, but he also really liked
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Eazy-E, Snoop Dogg, Dr.Dre & many others. He’s always had a love for music since he
was young. Brian started becoming more interested in hip-hop music when his friend Jabbar’s older brother Dmoney
invited him to come to one of his shows he did with Cool Nutz And Jus Family Records. After seeing them perform
he knew he wanted to be up there rockin the crowd someday like they were.

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After attending his first show Brian & his friends started to freestyle, and started to write music, They gave each
other alias names. Brians friends used to use his last name Hickey for his nickname but later decided to change
it to Hizzey and keep the spelling like his last name but replacing the ck with two z’s. He recorded his first song
when he was 17, however he didn’t drop any projects until 2005.

After Brian dropped his first mixtape he became more involved in hip-hop and learning how to cultivate his craft.
He started performing at shows in Oregon at local hip-hop venues in 2008, he began opening up for different groups
that would come to the Medford area. He’s done over 20+ shows in Oregon and Arizona already. Brian has opened for
various main stream artists like E-40, Devin The Dude, Kutt Calhoun, D.J.Quik, Keak Da Sneak, Young Buck, Twista
just to name a few. Brians first performance was in 2005 at a club called Vibe in Medford. The first song Brian released
was titled “Nightlife” in 1999 it featured infinity who now goes by the name J Genghis & Baby J.

The first Mixtape Brian dropped was in 2005 he called it “Oregonized Crime” because he was still
living in Oregon at that time. He later dropped “King Of My Destiny” which was released in 2011.
He released his first album 2 years later titled “Feelin So Great” in 2013. He dropped another
mixtape in 2014 titled “The Dispensary” to keep the momentum going. He had a childhood that
was not like many other kids growing up. Brians family moved from Tucson, Arizona to Medford,
Oregon when he was 6. Brians parents got in a program to adopt troubled youth by the time he was 7.
The kids that his parents adopted were all teenagers, and looking back now on his life Brian says that
this was his introduction to hip-hop. He used to sneak into the rooms of the adopted kids at night to listen
to the tapes they had of Eazy-E, Too Short, and many others this is when he first heard and fell in love with
hip-hop music immediately.

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He got suspended from school in 3rd grade for playing one of the Eazy-Es tapes in class.
Brian played sports throughout his childhood and was very active in basketball. He played
for a Oregon all state team that traveled to Dallas, TX when he was 14 & 16 years old, he
earned the MVP honors at the Lute Olson basketball camp in Tucson, and was hired
by the university of Arizona basketball to be a camp counselor at the Lute Olson
basketball camps when he was 17 years old. The highlight of his high school career
was scoring 50 points in a game for South Medford high school. The coach at that
time Josh Jamieson is still a close friend of Brians and head of the Oregon Ducks
basketball operations. Before each game Brian would always play hip-hop songs
to pump his team mates up and did a role call freestyle rap at Santa Rita. I earned
all city honors in Tucson my senior year of high school and was able to play against
Carmelo Anthony my senior year.

In 2000 after high school Brian played some college basketball at San Jose. After breaking his
elbows and wrists swinging off of the rim after slam dunking the ball, his life began to spiral
out of control. Brian was arrested 23 times for different crimes ranging from robbery, assault,
marijuana possession, selling drugs and etc. Brian gave basketball another shot at Portland
Community College in 2005, when he was really focusing on his musical career. The reason
Brian became a hip-hop artist he says was because of his love for music. He says “Music can
make you laugh, make you feel sad, and it can also help you get through a rough time”.

Brian loves expressing his self through his music, he loves being able to give others an insight
on his life and the troubles and tribulations he’s gone or going through. He hopes to make music
that can impact people’s lives in a positive way. He does his best to stay consistent with his
music and growing as an artist in hopes to be able to touch others lives through his music.

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During the end of 2018 Brian teamed up with Colossal Music Group / Colossal Records based
out of California and Florida to help further his musical career. Stay tuned to see what’s next to
come from Hizzey, as one day he wishes to accomplish his goals of touring America and
performing in front of sellout crowds.image.gif

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