Dewey Da Don’s latest project, BlackTop Baby, is his reintroduction into the rap game. His rap style and certified bangers motivates listeners to stay consistent, grind hard and achieve. Dewey Da Don pursues music simply because he loves what he does. Video releases of radio spin-worthy hits to check out for: Live Long, Keep It On Me and 50 Keys Large. Dewey Da Don’s return to the rap game is definitely worth paying attention to.
Why? Simply because he creates through passion.
If you’re not passionate about creating and crafting a great material or learning how to do it, you never will be a good artist. Passion for a particular subject is what gives us the desire to learn everything we can about it. A good artist has that inner drive to create a song that will impact people.
Dewey Da Don has always been one to give back even as he establishes himself as a hip hop star, and he shows consistently.
Just as with anything else, becoming better requires consistent effort. You’re not going to become successful by thinking about it here and there. Dewey Da Don’s love and dedication stems from being focused on his craft every day. Whether it’s writing or learning rhyme techniques, coming up with solid hooks or just studying lyrics to his favorite songs, take notes from Dewey Da Don. Polishing your skills everyday will improve them and take you places you could only imagine.

Dewey Da Don’s life and survival has made him the man he is today. There will be times, many in fact, where you will hit a brick wall, perhaps personal or trying to stay positive, that you just can’t seem to be able to make it. You might be tempted to throw in the towel. Dewey Da Don’s lyrics shows solution and understanding of the struggles of everyday life. Here is where he implores you not to settle! BlackTop Baby has notable street features from Rich the Factor, Dee Rogers, Santana Fox, RobLo DaStar and more. What is most significant and inspiring to him about this project is that he dedicated it to his cousin, Joshua Martin, who just recently passed.

The sky is the limit for Dewey Da Don. For more information on Dewey Da Don :