The Open Love Letter series to Black Men, has me feeling a little Angie Stone-esque. I concluded a few months ago that I really don’t show enough outward appreciation to my black brothas. In fact, I flirted with the line of hate and disdain. Why? Mostly because I held onto the negative advertised image of black men these days due to hurt and disappointment. I believed and perpetuated the lazy, insensitive; insecure non-kid-raising, womanizing stereotypes that I’d seen and heard from the black women and men around me. But that doesn’t represent who ALL black men are. It’s a negative stereotype of their core. And that’s not the only story I saw once I opened my eyes a bit wider. To all the black men I know who have touched my life positively, I want to say truthfully from the deepest depths of my soul, I apologize. I need you. I respect you. And I appreciate you. But that’s just the problem isn’t it fellas? I’m keeping it locked up and tucked away. Well, it’s time to let the world–and you–know how I feel and why. Because Love locked away and unexpressed might as well be hate. So consider this article and review of a phenomenal series as my proverbial embrace–a gift or peace offering just for being you.

Now that I’ve addressed everything all of the credit goes to Shaniesha Dobson. Public speaker, an award-winning playwright, entrepreneur and the founder of Black Girlz Productions 2012, she took her love of the arts to the next level and founded Black Girlz Productions, LLC. Her company’s motto is “Dream BIG or go Home!” Dodson has written, directed and produced three full length productions Black Girlz Productions presents Love Letters to the Black Man.

The first event will be held November 16 at 7:00 pm at the Midtown Arts Center located at 3414 LaBranch St., Houston, TX

Dodson did an international call for open letters and monologues for black males. The furthest monologue came from New Zealand. From the submissions, 14 amazing writers were selected. Their work represents a variety of topics from self-love, relationships, mental health awareness to lessons learned. Dodson’s goal is to use the arts to uplift our communities.

I would like to propose a toast to This project and series. Shaneisha Dobson understands firsthand and sympathizes with black men Issues that go unnoticed like; Tuesday is grounds for police harassment, having a car that’s a little too nice will get you in trouble even if you worked hard and honest to get it, and simply walking into an elevator can cause the old woman next to you to clutch at her purse with every bit of force in her feeble existence. There are parts of this so-called “black experience” that are uniquely yours. And I want to thank everyone involved in this production for dealing with the facts of black American life with poise, grace, and a whole lot of guts. And I give even more kudos to all the writers:

Milinya Monet
Mimi Ayers
QC Humphrey
Carlos Mckeithan
Leilani Squire
Ronald Clemons
Kareen Mcmichael
Geanice Gee
Taijee Bunch

Patrice Cassedy
Mildred Lewis
Catyra Polland

For more information on Black Girlz Productions, visit Or follow on Instagram @blkgirlz12