Everyone has a struggle. One of the struggles might even be stuttering. This can be everyday life for people who stutter, an estimated one percent of the population. What causes stuttering is unknown, but it’s thought to be partly genetic. For those who stutter, it can curb career choices, make social events especially intimidating, restrict job promotions, and impede friendships.

Sherrikka Myers founder of Every 1 Voice Matters & Lil Herbie Series, which is a 501c3 non–profit organization geared towards kids who stutters and go through issues such as bullied, teased, low self esteem and lack self confidence.

There are a number of different tools that people who stutter learn in speech therapy. But outside of the classroom, it can be hard to incorporate the techniques into everyday life. That’s where mindfulness can have a big impact.

Sherrikka Myers YouTube online page called Lil Herbie Series is an animated show that teaches through reading words with definition and the Lil Herbie character gives an example of how the word is being used.

What makes this so magical and special; Sherrikka Myers identifies with the ups and downs of stuttering. She grew up stuttering and knows personally what children go through.

If a person who stutters becomes anxious and starts to ruminate over their stutter, it can actually cause the stuttering to grow more severe. Like Herbie’s character will help kids who stutter break the negative thought cycle. It will definitely help to put distance between themselves and the thoughts and emotions they’re experiencing. I recommend this character to others.

Published book from the Lil Herbie Series book collection is called Herbie’s New Home. The book is also geared towards kids who stutters or has any type of speech

Also Sherrikka Myers has announced a premiere at the 2nd annual back to school bash of Lil Herbie mascot. Excellent ideas for kids to enjoy and to have fun.

My final thoughts are:

If you get into the mindset of ‘Oh, oh! What’s going to happen? They’re going to think I’m strange,’ and you tense up, the muscles in your body get tight, it’s going to have a negative impact on your speech because you use muscles to speak. If you can ease up on the tension, it might break the cycle.. Lil Herbie will definitely make things alot easier.

Thanks Lil Herbie