Urban fiction is a popular genre — usually self-published — that deals with the harshest social-economic realities of inner city life: poverty, crime, gaudy sex, fast romance, graphic violence, verbal abuse and domestic violence. Writers of urban novels often have life experiences that provide realistic depictions of the people, dialogue and environments.

Writers like Noyek who is a ten year Veteran of urban novels often have life experiences or a amazing imagination that provide realistic depictions of the people, dialogue and environments.

Noyek shares;

Its something about a tale that grips you when you write it, whether it’s a tale that makes your heart race from excitement, squirm from temptation or seethe in anger from betrayal, I want it. I want my readers to have it”

Noyek writing style has passion and she isn’t afraid to take her reader on a journey.

I’ve asked many writers like her, why would you want to write the novel and what you want to prove. For instance, you may want to prove that inner city Americans strive toward a goal of making it through poverty to even over overcome obstacles in life with good intentions. Whatever the reason is, make GOOD reading material.

Tone, Mood and Characters

Noyek is one of those writers who create stories of sometimes strong secondary characters. Female characters are not just sexy vixens — instead, they can become gangster anti-heroes or loving mamas who turn out to be villains. Use short, tight narration, description and dialogue that fit the nature of the characters and shows their humanity– She shares with me something I didn’t think about when it comes to her formula of writing,

Noyek shares:
“I feel like a lot of writers say, “No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader,.” Yea, well, I am really about that life. My last project, Dear Infatuated, was a story of a young girl who had to have that life. She craved and would do everything for it. She lied, cried, and stole. I don’t just sit in front of my computer to write, I sit in front of my laptop to be reborn, internalize the story, give it a soul, and set that B*%ch on fire!

Noyek is true writer coming to a book store and movie screen near you…

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