On August 28th a conference call took place, the objective of the conference was to “educate and empower the artists, entrepreneurs, and creatives that shape hip-hop culture.” Panelists that were involved in the powerful experience was names from Hiphop Pioneer – RahDigga , Brand Strategist Karen Civil, Legendary Hiphop Artist- Lady Luck , 3xs Grammy Nominated Artist – Rapsody, and DJ Misery ( Director of The Heat DJs Atlanta).Hosted by 2xs Amazon book publisherNakia Walker.

Conference call credit and thanks goes to –Dj Will Money, Rampage (Flipmode Squad) And Marshea Green (The Creator and Idealist behind the Conference) Heat Djs was established in 2017 and has been doing Conference calls since 2018, It was dedicated to igniting great artist and entrepreneurs putting their ideas into motion and moving the needle to get the results they desire out of life. Sharing gifts of wisdom to help those make better decisions about business and their ways of thinking.

I was blessed to be asked to listen with others to ask questions. It was a dynamic day with brilliant doers and motivators across various industries who started with an idea and blossomed to become change agents, global influencers, and enterprise leaders. Each artist shared nothing but wisdom, full of inspiration and motivation that did wonders to my ears. Powerful tips full with honesty for women that own their own businesses to beat the odds by being true to themselves and their craft.

Being on the line with dreamers and doers was definitely what I needed and I’m sure all the other guest invited to be apart of this conference call would be in agreement with me.
Whether you are ready to start your entrepreneurial journey or have been in the game for a few years, this conference allowed Lady Luck to share her advice of ” Controlling your thoughts” with the right Mindset – to RahDigga ” Respecting the creativity of all artist ” and Rapsody ” Loving the ability to perform live and enjoying recording to creating in the studio”

Let’s not forget Karen Civil who shared the highlight of the evening with ” Being confident and believing in your goals” When asked about how to walk away from your 9 to 5 job confidently to start a successful business, she was straight to the point and shared compassion with her choice of words as she gave lessons and experiences. This call is organized around five key pillars of activism and engagement: Business & Economic Empowerment; Culture, Community, and Society; Education, Technology, and Innovation; Health & Wellness; and Political Empowerment.
Powerful shot out to Heat Djs and Partners (@iamdjwillmoney) @Marsheag and (@therealrampage) If you would like to be apart of the Heat Dj Conference calls, email for more information: