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Overwatch League Pros to Watch During the Offseason

I am a huge fan of Overwatch. I have played since the game released over two years ago, amassing over 6,000 games played and 1,300 levels on my account. Even with all of that time spent, I can never imagine myself having a fraction of the skill that the players in the Overwatch league have.

Even though the inaugural season ended with the London Spitfire winning the Grand Finals a while ago, the players do not stop playing. At the moment, the Overwatch World Cup is going on and many players from the league are participating.

Many players spend much of their spare time streaming the game on Twitch. Even if you do not typically get into eSports that much like me, it can be fun seeing just how good the people who are best in the world are at the game. With that in mind, here are some great Overwatch League Pros you can watch on Twitch.

Jjonak (Support)

Team: New York Excelsior


Jjonak is widely regarded as the greatest Zenyatta player in the world. He is absolutely lethal with the peaceful monk and has completely turned fights around in favor of NYXL multiple times. In the first season of Overwatch League, he was named MVP and is an exciting player to watch.

Pine (Damage)

Team: New York Excelsior


Pine (or “Big Boss”) is also on the New York Excelsior and is a scary Mccree player. At times, NYXL would have him on the bench just to sub him in to dominate on a certain Control point. My favorite play by him involves him hitting tons of headshots just to use the Deadeye ultimate for the automatic reload, then proceed to cancel the automatic targeting just so he could continue to manually dominate the team.

SoOn (Damage)

Team: Los Angeles Valiant


SoOn is my personal favorite player for the team that I root for, the Los Angeles Valiant. Being a Tracer main myself, watching him play Tracer is where I first learned about him and instantly enjoyed watching the things he could do as my favorite hero. He also can play a pretty good Widowmaker and is simply a fun person to watch play the game.

Surefour (Damage)

Team: Los Angeles Gladiators


Surefour is another great DPS to watch. During the All-Star Weekend, he won the 1v1 Widowmaker tournament and during the first season of Competitive Overwatch was the first player to reach a skill rating of 80. This was of course before they changed it to what it is today.

Seagull (Damage)

Team: Dallas Fuel (Retired)


Seagull has largely been one of the most popular Pro Overwatch players for sometime now. Following the Grand Finals this year, he announced that he was retiring from the League to focus on his streaming so you will have plenty of chances to catch him. At the time of this writing he has over 850,000 followers on his Twitch channel.

xQc (Tank)

Team: Dallas Fuel (Released)


This situation is a bit different from the others just based off of the number of times this player has been banned. When he did play in the Overwatch League, he was suspended multiple times for plainly being an offensive jerk. His Overwatch account was recently suspended as well, but you can still catch him playing with Team Canada in the World Cup.


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