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Gamescom 2018’s Best News, Reveals, and Trailers



Gamescom has come and gone and we have gotten a ton of video game news shoveled into our faces! Without further hesitation, here are some of the biggest news, release dates, trailers, and more shown from Cologne, Germany. This is not everything revealed at the event, but just some of the biggest stories I have seen! (All trailers will have a link to the Youtube videos at the end of each entry).

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Gameplay

Gameplay of a few of the newest fighters coming to the Smash roster was shown. King K. Rool, Dark Samus and Chrom were the big fighters with the spotlight on them.

King K. Rool’s fight was a 1v1 against Snake on Kongo Jungle with the K. Rool theme playing in the background. I have to say, I love the King K. Rool theme and he seems to move a lot quicker than I expected. I was expecting a slow moving character like Bowser, but at least whoever was playing K. Rool seemed to have a good handle on how he can move throughout the stage effectively.

The second fight was a 2v2 with Lucina and Chrom taking on Dark Samus and Ridley. With Chrom and Dark Samus being echo fighters, if you have ever played as Samus or Roy, you get the general gist of these two. If you have not seen much Ridley play though, this is an interesting fight of how he can fare in tight corners. The video also shows off the new Sudden Death, even though not for very long.

King K. Rool Fight

Dark Samus and Chrom Fight

Resident Evil 2 Remake with Claire Redfield

Claire Redfield was shown off in the Resident Evil 2 Remake. I personally, have never played the original game, but this remake is looking to impress. Graphics are looking amazing and the environments are exploding with that horror vibe that Resident Evil is best at.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice gets Release Date

From Software announced that its new game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will release on March 22nd, 2019. The game looks to be a bit different from the Dark Souls series, but fans of the developer (and those games) should be looking forward to something new.

Devil May Cry 5 Release Date and Trailer

Devil May Cry 5 is releasing on March 8th, 2019. The announcement was revealed in a new trailer that showed off a bunch of new, high action gameplay.

Devil May Cry 5 trailer

Cyberpunk 2077 Screenshots and Concept Art

CD Projekt Red revealed a few screenshots of their highly anticipated game as well as Concept Art.

Cyberpunk 2077 Screenshots and Concept Art

Life is Strange 2 gets a new Trailer

Dontnod released a new trailer for Life is Strange 2, giving some quick insight into what the story of the upcoming game will revolve around. It seems 2 brothers are on the road, fleeing from law enforcement. There are hints of a new superpower this time around, but no real clues as to what it is.

Life is Strange 2 Trailer

Halo: Master Chief Collection Coming to Game Pass

The Halo: Master Chief Collection was finally announced to be coming to Game Pass on September 1st. The announcement came in a trailer showing off the long talked about upgrades the game is getting including 4K resolution and HDR, faster load times, and improved Matchmaking and LAN Multiplayer.

Shenmue 3 Release Date

Shenmue 3 got a release date in its newest trailer. The game is still over a year away and is coming August 27th, 2019.

Shenmue 3 Trailer

Dying Light: Bad Blood Shown Off

Dying Light’s new Battle Royale mode was shown off and is set to release later this year. The mode will hold 12 people instead of the normal 100 in Battle Royale games. Among threats of zombies, there will also be AI humans and the human players you’re going to be playing against.

Overwatch Releases New Animated Short, Busan hits PTR

A new map and animated short centered around the hero D.Va. The map takes place in South Korea, and is a Control map.

New Trailer for Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus received a new trailer. The world should look as grim, and uninviting as any of the other Metro games. That being said, it is beautiful looking.

Metro Exodus Trailer

Nvidia Reveals New RTX Series of GPUs

The new RTX series includes the RTX 2080, RTX 2080 Ti, and the RTX 2070. Trailers of coming soon games being played using the GPUs were also shown.

The Hunt: Showdown Coming to Xbox One Game Preview

The competitive hunting shooter will be making its debut on the Xbox One Game Preview Program.

PUBG Leaving Xbox Game Preview

PUBG is hitting it’s 1.0 release on September 4th. Achievements, a new map, a new War mode, an Event Pass, and microtransactions will all be finding their way to the Xbox version on the day of its official release.

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