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True Hip Hop heads know that Rap is not Hip Hop, it is an element of Hip Hop. There are far and few artists who undeniably represent Hip Hop as a culture and all of its elements. What seems to be lost in today’s day in age is the element of knowledge…Hip Hop legend and pioneer DoItAll from Lords of the Underground has taken a pledge to formally give back to the communities and boroughs of society by running for Councilman-At-Large for Newark, NJ. 25 years ago Hip Hop was introduced to The Lords, and now 25 years later “Chief Rocka” is rocking the political realm.

On May 8th be part of history in the making, be part of unity, and be part of change! Vote B5 for DoItAll Dupre Kelly Councilman-at-Large for Newark, New Jersey!

The Message, “When you love your city you can change it!”

MJ: First and foremost, salute to a strong and prominent 25 years in Hip Hop, and the entertainment business as a whole! For those who don’t know you have starred in some Indie Films as well as Law and Order, Oz, and even the Soprano’s! So why politics? What possesses a renowned and celebrated Hip Hop artist to open the door of politics?

DoItAll: Thank you! My decision is an accumulation of many things. One being a Hip Hop Artist. That allowed me to travel the world and to be able to see firsthand how different countries and different cities use the culture of Hip Hop to galvanize people in their communities. Another decision was based on my time being around elected officials in the great city of Newark NJ. That allowed me to be a fly on the wall and learn who was working on the people’s behalf and who was not. Lastly, the decision was based on a conversation that I had with Tupac Shakur over 20 years ago about how Hip Hop Artists need to become as popular as we can so that we would be able to go back to our perspective cities to create big and better youth initiative programs and to be able to start nonprofit organizations as well as run for political office. A goal so we can directly and effectively vote on Laws, Ordinances, policies & issues that concern the residents.

MJ: You mentioned on the radio how early on in your music career about that profound conversation with Tupac. I think of the irony with that conversation as Tupac was extremely political with his rhymes and known for preaching to his fellow artists about coming together and changing the world. If he was still with us how would that conversation flow today? I can envision Tupac being one of your biggest supporters!

DoItAll: Tupac would have most likely have followed his own advice and entered into politics himself.

MJ: You have a powerful campaign followed by patrons of every walk and culture of life from our youth to seniors. Can you share some of the immediate changes you plan on developing in the city of Newark?

DoItAll: I will fight for the city to make a greater investment into our youth. For example, the city had a summer jobs program that was under funded. 5000 young people applied and only 2500 were placed into jobs. In our city every child deserves to have the opportunity.

MJ: Aside from the campaign you have other endeavors heightening this new year. Tell us about those.

DoItAll: I have a few film projects that are on hold until the campaign is over as well as a 25-year anniversary tour and music coming with my group Lords of the Underground.

MJ: As a fan I have to say thank you! Thank you for continuing to create timeless music and blessing fans with 25+ years of longevity!

DoItAll: We’re still at it. We just came back from Switzerland. We do about 60-100 shows a year!

MJ: Let’s take it back to music. As a vet, what jewels can you drop for up and coming artists? What would you say is needed for them to truly embrace the essence and elements of Hip Hop?

DoItAll: I would say Hip Hop was always used as a platform where you could tell or showed people how you and your family, friends, loved ones or your peers were living the culture. The narrators of the culture are the rappers. I would tell these rappers to narrate what they see and how they are living the culture. I would also tell them to be mindful of the influence they have over a weak or impressionable mind and deliver a message. Utilize your platform to inspire.

MJ: Are you hopeful the DoItAll for Newark Campaign will encourage and empower those artists to become more involved within their communities?

DoItAll: Yes. I pray that I am the spark for artists who are more popular than I am. I want them to go back to their communities to do great work.

MJ: As we wrap up, please let everyone know how they can donate to the campaign and continue to support you and “Raise The Torch”.

DoItAll: People can donate to the Doitall for Newark@ Movement by Texting “Doitall” to 973-846-2211 (wait for a quick text back). Donate from $1 to $2,600. If anyone donates anything over $2,600 I will have to send it back.

MJ: Thank you for taking the time for our readers, it has been an honor! It is refreshing to experience a political campaign with a candidate who is genuinely for the people, his community, and the city as a whole! This is far from new for you. You have been giving back to the city of Newark for over decades and providing countless platforms for growth and success! I vote B5!

DoItAll: Thank you! Just remember when people love their city they can change it! DoItAll Live on ESPN


City Of Newark Conversation

City Of Newark Conversation with Doitall Du Kelly. Questions and comments are welcome and will be addressed live!Hit Share!!!

Geplaatst door Doitall For Newark op dinsdag 1 mei 2018

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Tomer Zur Is Giving Away The American Dream Through Luxury One Corp.




The American Dream, is just that simple according to Israel’s Tomer Zur who employs fellow U. S. immigrants with opportunities to become their own bosses. Zur has an estimated net worth of $140 million dollars and is CEO of the award-winning consumer transportation company called Luxury One Corp.

Zur served three years in the Israeli military and then migrated to New York City in 2006, made a home for himself, and began to develop and build his empire. In 2014 Luxury One was ready to launch! Zur understands first-hand the difficulty of making it into this country legally, and that’s only half the journey especially in the new Trump era. So it is through the success of Luxury One that Zur is offering immigrants zero down on a vehicle and providing Israelis employment through the company’s black car taxi service.

“I personally believe that the transportation business in New York City is very competitive; however, I am confident that we are the most affordable solution for any driver looking for an opportunity to make a living.”

Many reading this might think what is the catch or how does this work exactly? According to Zur it is quite simple. Immigrants arrive in the U.S. with a visa or green card, he then supplies them with cars and assists them with making decent livings without a boss. Zur doesn’t accept a down payment on cars or any money when employees sign. Luxury One is known as a place to walk in with empty pockets and leave with a vehicle.

“Employees are getting a car that’s good to work in region of NYC and they don’t have to worry about insurance or repair, just earn money to support their families.”

Several financial reports predict that Luxury One, if business continues at its successful pace, will have over 10,000 taxis and annual sales of about $300 million in the NYC area alone. To date Zur has plans on expanding the company over the West Coast and is currently location shopping in the Los Angeles area.

“My generosity is all due to the fact that I personally went through the struggle when I came to this country, and I recognize the struggle is real, difficult, and challenging…I have the opportunity to give back and help my fellow countrymen.”

Luxury One is currently accepting new self-contractors at the Bronx and Manhattan locations. All inquiring individuals must provide proper paperwork including work visa or green card. For complete information visit the official website at





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PR Originals interview by 23rd





Puccinni Roseboro (AKA) as “cinni” (his childhood name), Mr. P, “P”,The male Diva, was born February 16, 1966 to William Bradley Roseboro and the late Sarah Parker Roseboro.

Puccinni was brought up and lived a very structured, fecal and anal life as a child into early adulthood. He was made to always make up his bed every morning before leaving for school, the dishes had to be washed and the kitchen cleaned before retiring to bed for the evening and Puccinni has carried many of those same characteristics into his adult life which is why he feels he is partly where his life is today. Because of the structure and neatness.

Puccinni graduated with many honors from Vance Senior High School in 1985 in Henderson NC.

He furthered his education to many other universities following graduation. He attended Fayetteville State University on a track and field scholarship where he continued and further his education to Duke University and graduating 1992 majoring in Business Education.

During and in the process of continuing his education Puccinni attended The Barbizon Modeling school and agency in NYC for a period of 2 years, where he acquired much of his knowledge for fashion, modeling, design, colors and symmetries.

Puccinni is also the recipient of associate degrees in Health Administration and Business Administration.

He is now the proud owner and designer of his own clothing line “PR Originals” designs by Puccinni.

He is also the owner of Fabulous Flowers and Accessories a very successful florist and catering business in the Winston Salem, NC area.

Puccinni gives all credit to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for without him, he would be nothing.

He is empowered to continue his education, because in his words “Knowledge is Power” and he desires to work until his day is done.

His favorite scripture is Psalms 34. “I will bless the Lord at all times”.

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Five Music Industry Myths That Damage Your Music Career




Music Career Myth #1: You can’t make it if you’re older than a certain age.

Reality: Companies and bands who are successful don’t focus on age. There are tons of professional musicians 30 and older in all aspects of the business. Your age only matters if you make it matter.

The music industry functions just the same as any other business. You can become successful at any age as long as you have a strong work ethic, dedication and a lot of value to offer.

Learn what the music industry seeks in musicians and begin strengthening these skills (more mentioned on this in a moment). This is what attracts people in the industry to you.

Music Career Myth #2: Fans don’t purchase music any more.

Reality: Fans do buy music these days, but old business models for selling it do not work. To sell music to your fans (and make good money), you must:

1. Know how the industry works right now (rather than how it worked decades ago).

2. Think creatively and outside the box. This will help you find new ways to sell your music to fans.

Music Career Myth #3: Before you can build a career, you must become an excellent musician.

Reality: There’s a lot more to becoming a great pro musician than simply having “great musical skills”. A lot of musicians in the music industry are not high level guitarists, singers, etc… and many highly talented musicians never build successful music careers.

What you need to learn here: work on both your musical skills and other aspects of your music career at the same time.

Note: Becoming a pro musician does not require going to university. Going to college for music only helps you build your musical skills. Doing this will not help you grow a career in music. There are tons of people who get music degrees and never make good money in music.

You can also find many other effective ways to become a better musician other than going to university. Taking lessons with a virtuoso guitar teacher will help you master the instrument much faster.

Question: “But Tom Hess, what if I get a degree in music business?”

Answer: Professors who teach music business usually are not successful in the music industry. They are simply educators. They teach you about the music industry, but not how to grow a career in the music industry. For instance, in classes for music business you might learn how contracts are made, how tours get promoted and how royalties work. This information is good to know, but it won’t help you:

*Actually get a record deal of your own.

*Go on a tour that makes money.

*Get deals for publishing your music.

*Join the band you want to be in.

*Earn a huge income through music.

*Sustain success in your music career for a long time.

You accomplish these kinds of results by working together with a music career mentor who has already achieved massive success.

Music Career Myth #4. You need to live in a “music city” to be successful.

Reality: This is a very dated myth that is not true. It’s not the city that matters, it’s YOU.

You can work together with music companies who live very far away from you. Learn the principles that grow successful music careers and live by them in your own career. This leads you to success regardless of your location.

Music Career Myth #5. You need good connections to achieve success.

Reality: Connections often do not lead down the path of music career success. If I introduced you to the lead singer of your favorite band, would this do a lot for you? Not likely… unless:

1. You have tons of value to offer above most other musicians.

2. You’ve developed a reputation in the music business for being someone who is loyal, hard-working, and trustworthy while also having a strong mindset for business. People in the music industry WILL inspect your reputation before they begin working with you in any capacity.

Tom Hess is an electric guitar teacher online and a music career mentor. Tom also trains musicians on how to succeed in the music business. On his professional musician website you can read many more articles about making it with a music career.

By T. Hess

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Why Most Musicians Don’t Get A Record Deal




Tons of musicians fail to get record deals because they build careers based on myths about the music industry. Don’t make their same mistakes. Educate yourself about the music business and focus on building personal value to offer to music companies.

Here are 3 mistakes most musicians make that keep them from getting record deals (and what to do instead):

Mistake #1. They Only Focus On Their Musical Skills And Songwriting

It’s a mistake to spend all of your time practicing your musical skills and songwriting when you want to grow a music career. These elements are important, but record companies look for actual business value in musicians they work with. They can find good musicians anywhere… what they want is someone who has the total package of: musical skills, business mindset and other skills beyond raw musical abilities.

Set aside time each week to learn about how the music industry works. Find a mentor who shows you what to work on to make yourself a valuable asset for any music company.

Mistake #2. Their Mindset Is In Direct Conflict With Record Companies’ Goals

Many musicians think that record companies are out to “screw” musicians and otherwise condemn capitalism, businesses and money. Companies can smell this mindset form a mile away and never work with such musicians. Musicians who become successful understand that music is a business. They do not believe there is anything wrong with earning a living doing with music and are glad to work with others in the industry so that everyone prospers. These musicians seek to add value for others in order to get value back. Everyone wins.

Focus on becoming a musician who offers tons of value to other people in this business. Develop a win/win mindset by making sure there is “something in it” for any company who might want to work with you. One way to offer value is to build up a list of fans who you can easily contact. The bigger the list, the greater your perceived value in the eyes of a record company.

Mistake #3. They Have Too Many Unknowns About Them (Risk)

When the following things are unknown, it makes you a risk for any music company: your work ethic, loyalty, win/win thinking, track record of previous successes or relationships with other people/companies in music. Record companies are reluctant to work with musicians when they don’t have this information.

Seek out ways to demonstrate your value in these areas to help companies understand that working with you is a worthwhile endeavor.

Article Source:

By T. Hess


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Seven Things Musicians Do In The Wrong Order




To grow a successful music career you need to understand:

*The right steps to take to become successful in the music industry.

*How to take each step in the best, easiest and most effective way to get the results you want.

*What order to take the steps in, so you can build your career most quickly.

A lot of musicians do the correct things, but at the wrong time (and in the wrong order). The try to build their music careers while basing many of their decisions on fear, incorrect assumptions and tips from amateur musicians rather than proven professionals.

The following music career mistakes make achieving success in this industry very difficult:

Mistake #1: Contacting Music Companies Too Soon To Try To Get A Record Deal

A lot of musicians want a recording contract, but only a small percentage of them really know what music companies are looking for. These companies invest tons of money into musicians similar to how people put their money into a stock on the market.

You have to give these companies 100% proof that their investment will pay off for many years to come. When you can do this, music companies feel comfortable investing in your career because they believe it will help them earn money. When you contact them too soon, before you can provide proof of your potential to help them succeed, you are simply wasting your time.

You don’t have to have massive accomplishments before you can contact them, but you do need to make sure that a company can completely trust in:

*Your desire to achieve big things

*Your ability to work hard on a consistent basis

*Your ability to persevere

*Your mindset for business

*How well you can sell music to your existing fans

Mistake #2: Only Focusing On Mastering Your Instrument And Neglecting Your Career

Tons of musicians are afraid of growing their careers because they don’t think their musical skills are good enough. They feel like they need to master their instrument completely before they can even think about getting into the music industry.

1. It takes a lot more than musical talent to grow a career in this industry. When you spend all your spare time practicing your instrument, you lose time you could be spending to work on growing other areas of your career.

2. There’s no such thing as completely mastering a musical instrument, because you will always find new things to improve.

You need to get started growing your career when your musical skills are around an intermediate level or above. Continue getting better musically while developing your music career at the same time.

Mistake #3: Waiting Too Long To Find A Music Career Mentor

The majority of musicians do not have any training for how to achieve success in the music business, because:

1. They don’t know that music career mentoring exists.

2. They don’t have enough ambition to pursue success in this business.

When you work with a music career mentor, you are investing into your future (not merely spending money). Mentoring helps you make tons more money than what you invest into it. This is how:

*You no longer have to guess when it comes to how you should grow your career. You save tons of time and money working with an experienced mentor than you would simply guessing about what to do next.

*You find out the best way to promote yourself and your music. This gives you a massive advantage when working with/without a music company.

*You discover how to create opportunities in your music career without any outside help. This makes your career very stable and secure, while giving you complete control over how much success you want to have.

Disclaimer: You might be aware that I have a music career mentoring program to help musicians become successful. So maybe you believe everything above was written just so you will join it. This is only partially correct. Of course, I want to help musicians like you succeed. However, the benefits of working with a mentor can’t be denied whether you work with me or not.

Mistake #4: Not Training Yourself To Have The Right Mindset At The Start Of Your Music Career

The way you think determines how far you get in the music industry. Have a poor mindset, and you will never achieve great success.

Fact: your mindset consists of much more than simply thinking with a positive attitude. When you train yourself with a success-oriented mindset, you train yourself to:

*Push through in the face of challenges where others would give up.

*Turn problems into massive opportunities for success.

*Do the hard work other musicians don’t do, so you can achieve the big results most musicians never get it.

To do these things you have to train your mindset from the very beginning of your career and build a solid foundation from which to expand.

Mistake #5: Not Building Up A Local Following Of Fans

Music companies are way more interested in musicians who have a huge local following than those who have a moderate internet following. It’s harder to grow a loyal fanbase in your local town than to attract thousands of people all over the world to check out your online videos/channel/etc. Plus, it’s very difficult to fake a local following versus having a lot of likes on Facebook (for example).

Mistake #6: Waiting Too Long To Get Freedom Of Time And Money

Let’s face it: you need to have freedom to be able to accept certain opportunities in your music career as they present themselves. This means you need both time and money.

Too many musicians don’t consider this until it is much too late. They spend the majority of their time working at normal day jobs while keeping their music career as a side hobby.

The majority of day jobs require you to spend full time hours working every week. This makes it nearly impossible to grow a music career and make money at it. Many musicians get stuck at their jobs and never end up going into music.

Get back control over your time and money as soon as you can (by starting early in your music career).

Mistake #7: Planning Your Music Career From The Start Instead Of The End

You need to plan your music career by thinking from the end and working your way backwards. Think about what your highest goal is and the final step you must take before you achieve it, then work backwards from there. This gives you the precise path you need to take to get there.

The majority of musicians don’t do this. The try to plan out the steps they have to take from where they are. This is a good way to get stuck and not achieve the things you want.

An experienced music career mentor shows you how to design a strategy to reach your musical goals as fast as possible.

Get the music business training necessary to become successful.

About The Author:

Tom Hess is a recording artist, composer and a touring musician. Tom also mentors and coaches musicians worldwide to make it in the music industry. Go to his musician development site to get free music industry advice and learn more about the music industry.


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9 Tips for Buying Rap Instrumentals Online




Nowadays, the popularity of buying rap instrumentals online is on the rise. As a matter of fact, it has been bringing artists and producers together from all parts of the world. If you are looking for some tips to buy rap beats online, read this article.

1. Music Licenses

First of all, you should know the difference between different music licenses. Basically, there are two types of licenses: exclusive and non-exclusive. With an exclusive license, you can use the instrumentals for your projects.

On the other hand, a non-exclusive license allows you to use it only for your projects, but the rights to sell the instrumental still remain with the producer.

2. Know which licenses you should buy

You should be ready to spend more money to buy exclusive licenses. You should go for this type of license if you are going to release an album. On the other hand, if you want to record a mixtape or demo, you should go for the other type of license.

3. Prices

Often, owners of instrumental sites get carried away and charge an unreasonably high prices for their beats. At the time of writing this piece, they are charging up to $1000 for exclusive rights. Of course, the price tags are based on the talent and popularity of the producers, but we won’t recommend shelling out too much for a track.

4. Buy from trusted Sites

If you are going to buy from a website, make sure you choose a trust worthy seller. On the site, you should get the mailing address, email, phone number and contact details of the seller. Make sure they have a privacy policy too.

5. Look for the symbols

Aside from this, the site should also feature third-party trust symbols, such as PayPal Verified, BBB Certification, Shopping reviews, and other antivirus certifications.

6. Email the site

It may sound crazy but some instrumental sites won’t get back to you if you email them. You may not want to do business with someone who doesn’t even bother replying you through email. Trusted sellers will reply within a few days if not hours.

7. Look for testimonials

Testimonials are not essential, but they help a lot. As a matter of fact, testimonials will help you have a good idea of the trustworthiness of the site.

8. Avoid producers on Soundclick/MySpace page

Good produces always have their own websites. It sounds weird if someone is selling a good beat but using SoundClick or My Space as a medium. Therefore, we suggest that you avoid these sellers.

9. Google the Site

You may also want to search for the site on Google. As a matter of fact, this will give you a pretty good idea of the reputation of the site. If you find bad comments or something unusual in the search results, go back and look for some other site.

So, these 9 tips can help you buy instrumentals from the right site. Hopefully, you will have a great release.

If you have been looking for instrumental beats for sale, we suggest that you check out rapinstrumental now. You will find a great collection of beats on the site.


By Shalini Madhav

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