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Voice is one of the talented and consistent performers around the city. Creating in the R&B genre he has remained steadfast in his goal to deliver traditional R&B to an audience who have been starved and disappointed in recent times. I caught up with him for a sit down about his goals, upbringing, creative process and more. Check out the interview below:


Jason Bourne: Break down the meaning and significance of your name


Voice: My artist name is Voice. I’ve chosen that because my voice is my instrument. My voice is what I use to bring you into my world and give you a piece of me with every word within my songs.


Jason Bourne: Where are you from and how did your immediate surroundings shape your perspective on life and art?


Voice: I’m from Brooklyn NY. Being from Brooklyn, I believe I was blessed to get a variety of arts throughout my life. There’s so many different sounds and sights to behold that you cannot help but become engulfed in it all. Whether it be the food, the people, or the music. I feel it’s a combination of all of those that gave me the perspective that I have on life, which is one’s self is art. If looked at from the right angle, you can see the beauty in all things.


Jason Bourne: As an R&B singer what are your feelings about the genre today? How does it compare to traditional sound and content?


Voice: As an R&B singer I feel the music of today doesn’t really have much connectivity. It’s made for the moment; as opposed to making music with longevity. I do believe that as times change sounds do as well. I would rather listen to music that offers me a part of the artist instead of them following what’s hot.


Jason Bourne: Have you ever been tempted to follow the trends?

Voice: Yes definitely. But when I’m writing my songs I just can’t do it. It doesn’t feel genuine to me. I’d rather put myself in my music instead of talking about stuff that’s not my life. I believe giving my audience all of me in my music is the best way to connect.


Jason Bourne: You are very active on social media – candid we can say; how do you feel social media assists in framing the narrative behind you as a person and your craft?

Voice: My activity on social media assists with visibility. Of myself and my brand as an artist. I am someone who believes in posting just enough. I feel the clips of shows and behind the scenes stuff definitely gives those who aren’t able to make it out a glimpse of some of the work that’s been done throughout my career.


Jason Bourne: What is your recording process like?

Voice: With my recording process I definitely make sure I’ve memorized my song already. This way I can go in the booth and actually sing the song, make sure the connection there. I feel you lose that connectivity while you’re reading off of a paper. I make sure to know exactly what I want to be done. Whether it be where the highlights are going to be or how the adlibs will sound. The melodies are important, as well as how the track should feel while someone’s listening to it.


Jason Bourne: What’s a highlight that has stuck with you over the course of your performing career thus far?

Voice: One of the highlights that definitely stick out to me is my performing one time and looking out into the crowd to see my mother crying. Her crying while I was singing (pause.) I’ll always remember that moment. She was so proud of the progress I had made over the years to that point. She loves that I have not given up on my dream.


Jason Bourne: What does the next level for you look like?

Voice: The next level for me I would say is touring and reaching more people out of state. Networking and traveling overseas as well so that I can reach a larger demographic.


Jason Bourne: What’s your end goal success wise?

Voice: For me at this point my end goal is to get my mother a house and live comfortably. Being able to give back to those around me as well as those who have supported me from the beginning. After that I’m pretty sure it’ll change but as of now that’s the focus.


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