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You have to work. But you will in all actuality; be making someone else rich, while providing an income for yourself. You have responsibilities and obligations. But do you wonder what it would be like to be your OWN boss?

We look at the rise of alot of companies and have a false sense of of things. It’s not that simple.

One of the biggest negatives about depending on income made from your own business is that your earnings are inherently unpredictable. Especially if your business is brand new, chances are that you’ll have absolutely no clue how much you will make in any given month.

This makes expense planning and budgeting extremely difficult, not to mention stressful. Imagine having to cover your mortgage, education and everyday expenses based solely on sales projections and guesswork.

Imagine trying to make a large purchasing decision that requires financing when you have very little idea whether you’ll be able to make the monthly payment.

Imagine the demands and sacrifices you have to make everyday just to make it. Imagine not making enough or no profit at all..

Depending on the nature of your business, you may have to deal with customers directly. While I’d say some customers are extremely pleasant to work with, there’s unpleasant  customers that will be an even bigger challenge.

When you own your own business though, you’ll stress out over everything, even the things that are beyond your control. Your livelihood depends on the proper execution of your business plan so there are no excuses. Every little thing becomes your problem and you have to suck it up and deal with it.


This is not to discourage anyone from wanting to own their own business but to simply highlight there is work involved. late nights and no social life ..


If there’s anything you want to achieve in life, sacrifices will and must be made. BRAG LATER. Know the business; seek counsel and educate yourself.

Most importantly don’t give up the first sign of defeat. The challenges are all apart of the process

Stay hungry and true to yourself

Hardwork does pay off.



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