Talent on many levels: India Graham

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Known as India Graham or I.G. this DMV area representative is an overall entertainer whose first love is the art of making music. Influenced by a childhood spent in Pensacola, Florida as early as 10 years old I.G. began putting words together in a rhythmic pattern knowing that music was her calling.   Introduced to the music industry roughly half a year ago, I.G. is currently working on a debut mixtape which she plans to release summer 2019 and put the Hip Hop world on notice of her arrival.


“I think my level of confidence is exactly what the industry is missing today. I plan to hold the next year or so hostage by releasing bangers that will continue to flood the streets. I’m the singer that will body your favorite rapper.”


India has a discography thus far that includes work with notables such as talented producer Haze Banks who has credits with Mike Angel, Dram. Money Bagg Yo just to name a few in addition to Love and Hip Hop producer Anthony Viviano.


“All of my work thus far has been with super producers. I don’t want to focus on doing features until I have introduced myself as a whole artist.”


Smart move. With a goal like distributing outstanding art one must be meticulous about the output. I want my music to spread light and love to anyone regardless of age, race, or bias. I also want people to hear my music and not feel alone when life has put them to test. Music runs in I.G.’s veins. The Daughter to a mother whom was a backup singer for Will Easley, she was brought on stage at the age of four and has never forgot the rush of singing in front of a major crowd. I.G. has never wavered in her understanding that this is the life for her. A guitarist, engineer, producer as well I.G. reads music and dabbles in the violin from time to time.


“If it wasn’t for the influence of family, I wouldn’t be able to complete what I’ve accomplished so far. I owe it to them to make something of myself.”





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