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On a campaign prepping the release of new music, Silas Luster- a member of  Provincetown collective known as the BuLife stopped by to kick it with me about the elements of BuLife and his love for the elements of Hip Hop.  Check out the exclusive interview below:


Jason Bourne: As a creator how cognizant are you of the moves being made by your contemporaries ?

Silas Luster: I love all inspiration. So whether it’s a life experience or a new music video that one of my contemporaries dropped I soak it all in. I’m not always online, but I got a good circle of friends that keep me up to date on who dropped what, and whats hot right now.


Jason Bourne: Was there ever a point in your creative process where you going tunnel vision with it ?

Silas Luster: When I’m focused on a specific project I’m always tunnel vision with it. Whether it be editing a video I just won’t leave the crib for days. I’m in the studio right now recording this EP fully produced by my brother T.M.A.C and its tunnel vision until the process is complete.


Jason Bourne: Branding purposes where do you see yourself fitting into the climate of Hip Hop today ?

Silas Luster: Branding is interesting in Hip Hop right now. It’s kind of like however you stand out the most is how you brand yourself; so in that respect, I’m not really out here trying to do anything crazy to gain attention. I do think out my branding techniques. I keep them subtle. It’s a long term goal of mine. Not a momentary objective. I think when it is said and done, people won’t just remember my name but they will really differentiate my perspective from others.


Jason Bourne: What does the term Hip Hop head mean to you ?

Silas Luster: To me “Hip-Hop Head” means someone who really understands the history and culture behind the music. Someone who has done their research and respectfully appreciates the foundation and elements of the culture.


Jason Bourne: Explain the BuLife and the impact that your collective has as one of the leading entities in Hip Hop deriving from your city ?

Silas Luster: One word. BuLife. It came from a light blue 95 Buick Century that my friend BVRGVNDY owned. It was a place where friends would come together and smoke, hang out with girls, freestyle over instrumentals. So that is the true beginning. Today, BuLife is a creative collective of artist that rap, produce music, engineer music, sell photography, paint, and are filmmakers. It is an acronym for “Be. You. Life.”  It is a concept that people connect to because we are not trying to do something or be something that we are not. We just want to tell our story through art.

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