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One of the more active performers on the New York City, Brooklyn based MC Infamous Ty has also become one of the more outspoken. Always ready for a debate I took the opportunity to continue one of his social media rants in the form of an insightful interview. Check him out spilling his thoughts on the fabric of today’s independent Hip Hop show scene in the Big Apple


Jason Bourne: As an up and coming MC how have you found the current state of the social media age we live in to be beneficial?

Infamous Ty: Yes I find that social media has been beneficial because it is a major outlet that an artist like myself can use to connect the dots with producers and other tastemakers. In a couple of swipes you  can purchase beats, find showcases from and incorporate reposts and snippets of songs.

Jason Bourne: Are there are any challenges with remaining authentic in your approach to promoting your brand and your music online?

Infamous Ty: Yes there are challenges. One of them being a major one.  Not everyone delivers  what they promise. Over the years I have learned that not everything that glitters is gold. Someone can offer a service for whatever amount that they put on it and it can look and sound good. A hungry artist or aspiring can spend their hard earned money on  it hoping to grow. Little do we know that the back end tactics like buying bots to boost their accounts (Sound Cloud, YouTube) can have an adverse affect.

Jason Bourne Trolling is one of the biggest trends now a days. How do you feel about the term and tactic?

Infamous Ty: Trolling is the perfect description of what most people spend their time doing.  To me that has replaced marketing in a sense, or rather has become the goal in marketing. Its all about clout like they say.  It’s all aimed towards building hype for an artist or a project.

Jason Bourne: There is a criticism of independent artists or underground if you will that you guys get tricked into becoming more of commentators than performers. In terms of feeling the need to vent on your TLs more than in your music in your opinion, why is there more focus on that?

Infamous Ty: I agree. I feel that if an unsigned artist can put a lot of energy into the sharing play by play for the sports games that go on they can do the same thing and put that energy into their music. That is what you should want to be known for. Stop crying for support and tagging 99+ people in your post saying “check out my music.Create a demand and interest through calculated moves.

Jason Bourne: I for one think that NYC Hip Hop has made a strong push in 2018. How do you think some of that can trickle down to help the rising artists in the city?

Infamous Ty: I think that as artists we have to take notes. We have to listen to  the fans. Study artists who are winning and put our own twist on the formula for success.  Also with the music, we shouldn’t be afarid to find out what music they can relate to. Although we don’t want to, we have to listen. I am stuck in my ways sometimes, but in the end those critics may be able help you possibly change some things and win.  Music game is like the drug game – supply and demand!

Jason Bourne: What are your thoughts on the term “influencer”?

Infamous Ty: In my opinion that term is overused. A lot of people say that they’re an influencer but the question is who did they influence? It’s like saying everyone a manager, but they don’t know the true definition of being a manager. They just use that name to either make themselves look good or just to have an artist that really don’t need them stay underneath their brand belt. Stop giving yourselves titles out here, put some work in and let the accolades come.

Jason Bourne: Do you feel that internet radio personalities are doing their job in NYC? What do you see that needs to change?

Infamous Ty: Yes and no. Reason I say that is because they are playing the artist music. But I feel they need to be in tuned with the artists more.  Instead of giving them a quick 2 min spin on the radio and a shout out create impact. What needs to change is that. Invest in getting in tuned with the artists. Ask questions about their career, their next project.

Jason Bourne: What is marketing to you?

Infamous Ty: Marketing to me is taking a product and packaging it the right way in hope of branding.  Let the consumers know that you have a product that is soon to be released and give away sample ideas. Creating the narrative is important like you always say.  I pay attention to corporations. A Wendy’s commercial always attacks McDonald’s because their meat is always fresh and never frozen. The goal is to take McDonald’s customers and have them try their product but in a better quality.

Jason Bourne: Are gimmicks necessary to be noticed in today’s Hip Hop?

Infamous Ty: Yes and no. Yes because it helps the artist build hype for their next project or even increase ticket sales for their next show or tour. On the flipside I feel that being a gimmick is like another way of being fake. The smoke and mirrors is the way that mainstream artists can influence the unsigned artist to do something they not comfortable with because they find it cool. You can get lost following trends.


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