I’m an avid reader and I live for a good piece of urban fiction. Each author has an unorthodox way of storytelling and a superb level of penmanship that makes their writing all the more interesting and unique. Chapter after chapter, they captivate you with authentic delivery and unapologetically storytelling, within the Black community.

You must’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t heard about Leo Sullivan. In my opinion, Leo Sullivan has contributed greatly to the African-American, urban literature genre as a whole and for that, you cannot help but appreciate his penmanship. He didn’t wait for directions; instead, Leo Sullivan paved his own road to success right from behind the bars of his jail cell. He has dedicated his time to grooming other authors and expanding his portfolio that includes movie production. His latest film, Summer Madness, which was introduced at an exclusive premiere hosted by Rasheeda Frost, is now available on Amazon Prime.

After being released from prison Sullivan was making about 15k per month from royalties and has now reached millionaire status.

Sullivan made the decision to start to be successful. He has the number 1 urban book publishing company in the entire nation and he is also a director. He has recently been nominated as entrepreneur of the year by the Rice Awards.

Sullivan has honed himself into an illustrious novelist, breaking social barriers within the African-American community through his writings time and time again. Sullivan just keeps dynamically dropping classic after classic.

There is much poorly-written genre fiction out there—cliché, devoid of character development, lacking depth and subtext. Leo Sullivan sets the bar very high. For those after him, he will forever be respected for his style and connection to readers all over the world. He sets the bar very high for those after him. He will forever be respected for his style and connection to readers all over the world.

For more information about Leo Sullivan visit www.LeoSullivanPresents.com.