Known musically as Notes82, a self admitted Hip Hop addict hailing from the East New York section of Brooklyn.   A creative, Notes is well respected as a lyricist on the Big Apple’s independent Hip Hop scene lauded for his delivery of pure Hip Hop vibes and living the culture authentically.   Cultivating his craft for the past two years,  Notes has already developed a healthy discography which includes his debut album, Reflections and the follow up EP, Timeless which he just released this past winter 2019.  Not one to sit on music, Notes 82 has already announced his plans for 2020 releases which will be his Watch The View album as well as a shorter project, For You The Ep.   A champion of the elements of his beloved culture, Notes 82 is not one to shy away from sparring with his peers. His list of collaborations reads:  X-Yle, Chuck Platinum,  Shea Barz,  J. Garc, Bizzy Bee, Nikko Tesla with a host of other powerful tracks to come in the new calendar year.

“My ultimate goal is to be respected as one of the best writers to ever pick up a pen. Music has given me a platform to share with people my reality and how see the things that are going on in our communities daily.  I think that is the element that makes my music as authentic as it can be.”

– Notes 82 

With early musical influences the likes of Denise Hutchinson,  Smokey Robinson, The Commodores, Anita Baker, Marvin Gaye and others he would hear his mom playing on those classic Saturday mornings Notes began to understand sonic arrangement and melodies. 

“The lyrics always captivated me. And once I was turned on to Hip Hop and I heard what Biggie, Jay Z, Nas and others were coming with it was solidified for me who and what I wanted to be.”

Check out the remix to his latest release Bookbag