Meet Actor Jose Maysonet

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Born and raised in Jersey City, NJ. Jose Maysonet has had a love for the arts from a young age performing for audiences as young as grade school. Pursuing a career in film as an adult. He has been featured and showcased in different magazines and various publications. He was cast as a principal role in a cable tv series “Surviving The Undead” directed by an award-winning director. The show also had a panel at ComicCon in Miami where he signed autographs and took photos. It won an award for best web series there. He has participated in short films, web series, tv series and feature films and music videos. He had previously worked doing some modeling early on in his career also. He always puts forth a tremendous effort with all projects giving 110% as he is passionate about his work. Currently, he writes and produces along with acting in projects. A bright future is certainly what lies ahead for this rising star!

Website – www.jmaysonet.com

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