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yung jamez


Yung Jamez travels the lonely road to greatness.

yung jamez

Peace Yung Jamez. How are you?

Thank you for joining us today…

Alright, let’s get started…

1. Where are you from originally and where do you rep now?
Im From and Rep Helena Georgia.

2. How did you get involved with music?
As a kid I was kind of forced to sang in the church choir I guess that played a major part in it.

3. Do you make your own beats or are you working with others?
Both I make beats but I rather help others so majority of my songs has beats from other beat makers.

4. Have you or are you currently working with other artists?
Yes I work with a lot of upcoming artist to help expand my music and also help them expand as well.

5. Not to get you in trouble but who was or is your favorite artist to work with and why?
My Cousin Johnnie Sesi his work ethic is good but he’s a little shy if w can break that he’ll be a super star in no time we actually just did a cove to Beyonce’s broken hearted-girl on youtube.

6. Who would you like to work with eventually?
Juice Wrld & Russ

lonely road cover

lonely road cover

7. What’s the title of the project you are currently working on?
I just released my first official album “Lonely Road”

8. What’s the story behind that title?
Basically its something I feel like im on all the time when no ones on the road with you its lonely and that’s how my life is even tho its successful its also a lonely road.

9. Who is on this project with you, artist wise?
Producer 9.O and Ol Boonie

10. This is being released on your label correct?
No Limit East

yung jamez 2

yung jamez 2

11. What’s the first single and why?
Weak and because I feel like its one of the hottest songs in the world today.

12. When can we expect the release date?
It was released at the end of August

13. What is the ultimate goal for Yung Jamez?
I just want to build a successful empire.

14. How can your new fans reach you to hear your music?
Spotify: Yung Jamez
iTunes: Yung Jamez
YouTube: Yung Jamez
Iheartradio: Yung Jamez
Pandora: Yung Jamez

15. Is there anyone that you would like to acknowledge before we go?
My Mom Deborah Strong for giving life to me allowing me to make music and ill also like to thank my city Helena Georgia for the support and love.
Also Go Check Out My Album “Lonely Road” Today On Spotify

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