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Life happens and we learn from our experiences. It’s to be expected. But once love comes into play; Along with a spiritual awakening in someone’s life it also brings with it unique challenges. Because while one person is suddenly in touch with the truth, the other person may be absolutely clueless, uninterested, or averse towards spirituality. Even when someone’s partner is a spiritually aware person, he or she may not actually understand awakening. So, I’m writing this post with two main perspectives . One is for the awakening soul, and the other part is for the partner who has suddenly gotten on the rollercoaster ride and who genuinely wants to know what to do now… like ME!


Initially, when someone awakens and begins to become conscious to themselves and life, you become aware of many things that aren’t aligned with the truth. More importantly, you become aware of all the things that aren’t right within you.

Meaning your lifestyle and your current relationships isn’t completely right for you anymore either! You’ve changed removing yourself from the way you were programmed to be that created all the agreements with this other person. I am in my beginning healing and growing after being so religious all my life! My partner has been understanding and insightful in  giving me time and the  benefit of the doubt and opportunity to change. He never  forced this change on me, Now I’m  taking care of my own process to get clear about what it is for me.

Most people have no idea who they are, and until you know that, you are unlikely to be clear about how to interact with a partner. You may find that as you get greater clarity that you’re with someone who loves you deeply enough that that love is all you really need anyway…


I find this to be helpful when we argue or dont see things the same Its BETTER .  Because immediately one of us will say ” This is going left or the vibe isnt right” I truly admire his Keen sense of listening beyond words ..  He is wise for this …
But with a lot of self-love, shared love, and tons of communication, you can let your partner know what’s going on and that you will be all right after all.  To be on the same path and clearly able to share and build for the same goal is IMPORTANT!  We need to be compatible and mentally connected…


So in your journey in life .. find YOU. Embrace who you really are.  Your partner will love you for it…






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