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Your partner has just commented on a few of his ex’s photos, and his ex has commented back a few times. You’re bothered, WHY ?? You’re  attractive too …..Right!??  Its JUST socialmedia You don’t want to appear jealous or insecure.  Maybe you’ve address It; makes you more irritated and hurt with your partner when they brush it off  ” no big deal it’s just likes” or ” I don’t even know him/her”  but maybe your mate isn’t the problem.. Maybe its the thought of someone else having a connection with your partner.. You’re hoping the problem will go away…  Sounds crazy right ??


Well… Welcome to 2019!


We are not just dating and meeting people face to face anymore! We can actually build relationships and market ourselves for business right from the palm of our hands… People are even dating or reconnecting with old friends and family…..



People are meeting others from all over the globe! Chatting and sharing conversations in ” DMs” Text messaging and receiving photos…THIS is enough to drive your insecurities to the roof!

So when your mate is into his/her phone smiling and joking or reaching out to old friends from the past; how do you handle it !??

Maybe you’ve been hurt.  Maybe Socialmedia was used in a past infidelity. Whatever it is … Socialmedia DOES play a role in relationships !

Let’s look at things from a bigger perspective…

What can you do to respect each other on socialmedia?


Why would one face issues with insecurities and mixed feelings Partners can be hesitant to discuss their feelings about social networking sites because it might reveal that they are looking or not taken seriously. This hesitation can hurt further communication.

The worse thing is to tell someone you love that something is bothering you and its look at as

” not that serious”  ” You’re being insecure and childish”

Checking up on romantic partners via social media, even when you have mutual friends, can create a potential for conflict—just like any other form of communication can.

Even though social media is different from email, texting, or other forms of interaction, how couples handle social media and monitoring should be similar to how they deal with any other type of communication issue.

What ever you do try to consider your partners feelings. Especially anything that will cause a rise in suspicion or concern.


We all have friends of the opposite sex but if your friend makes your partner uncomfortable  it’s your responsibility to address and to handle with care. Remember they are your friends and real friends should never complicate your current relationship.

How can you make social media work in your relationship?

  1. Talk to your partner openly about how you want to handle social media—from Twitter to Facebook to Instagram and other apps/sites. Let them know what is acceptable for you and listen to your partner’s thoughts on how they use or plan to use networking sites.
  2. Be honest if something you found online about your partner bothers you. For example, if you find that your partner—who has agreed to be exclusive—is still active on a dating app, talk to them directly and nonjudgmentally as soon as possible rather than letting it bother you over a long period of time. Whether you were the one who found the information or the person being monitored, an open and blameless discussion can help both sides better understand each other.


Some choose to not use socialmedia or to be friends with their partners online.  If so; explain the reasons why and try not to point fingers at anyone.

If you’re in relationships use socialmedia for what it’s for! flirting with others or doing anything to compromise your relationship online is not wise or fair to your partner.

Lastly; Mainly spending too much time on socialmedia may also be a problem. Give it a break .


Question whether the conversation is really about social media or if it’s a deeper relationship or communication issue.

Quality Time  Spending more time away for socialmedia and more time with your partner can help  change the focus OFF socialmedia too..

Dont forget; Respect and Understanding goes a long way…. You both deserve  it.





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