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PR Originals interview by 23rd


Puccinni Roseboro (AKA) as “cinni” (his childhood name), Mr. P, “P”,The male Diva, was born February 16, 1966 to William Bradley Roseboro and the late Sarah Parker Roseboro.

Puccinni was brought up and lived a very structured, fecal and anal life as a child into early adulthood. He was made to always make up his bed every morning before leaving for school, the dishes had to be washed and the kitchen cleaned before retiring to bed for the evening and Puccinni has carried many of those same characteristics into his adult life which is why he feels he is partly where his life is today. Because of the structure and neatness.

Puccinni graduated with many honors from Vance Senior High School in 1985 in Henderson NC.

He furthered his education to many other universities following graduation. He attended Fayetteville State University on a track and field scholarship where he continued and further his education to Duke University and graduating 1992 majoring in Business Education.

During and in the process of continuing his education Puccinni attended The Barbizon Modeling school and agency in NYC for a period of 2 years, where he acquired much of his knowledge for fashion, modeling, design, colors and symmetries.

Puccinni is also the recipient of associate degrees in Health Administration and Business Administration.

He is now the proud owner and designer of his own clothing line “PR Originals” designs by Puccinni.

He is also the owner of Fabulous Flowers and Accessories a very successful florist and catering business in the Winston Salem, NC area.

Puccinni gives all credit to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for without him, he would be nothing.

He is empowered to continue his education, because in his words “Knowledge is Power” and he desires to work until his day is done.

His favorite scripture is Psalms 34. “I will bless the Lord at all times”.

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