Personal Accountability.. You Are Responsible Too…

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Let’s say it together


I  was up having a conversation with someone dear .. I truly value their thoughts on a lot .. Believe it or not; I was convicted writing this topic .. I don’t always pratice what I preach; guilty of pointing fingers not always at myself…

Writing this was therapeutic for me. I must give my partner CREDIT for this article ..

Personal accountability
Unlike responsibility (the “before”) and self-empowerment (the “during”), personal accountability is the “after”. It’s a willingness to answer for the outcomes of your choices, actions, and behaviors. When you’re personally accountable, you stop assigning blame on people, and making excuses. Instead, you take the fall when your choices cause problems.

I can’t believe I’m writing this !

Getting started:
—Tell the truth. Everybody messes up sometimes. Lying about it or trying to cover it up always makes it worse—no exceptions. (Just ask former President Bill Clinton, who paid a steep price—impeachment—for lying to a grand jury.) Save yourself some time: Don’t tell untruths. Nobody believes them anyway—not even you. Plus the ones you love will never trust you the same ….

—Check yourself. Are you accountable for your actions even if nobody holds you accountable—or nobody catches you? You bet you are. So be your own “accountability cop” and CHECK yourself.

—Look to yourself—first. When trouble arises, look first to yourself. Ask four specific questions: “What is the problem?” “What am I doing—or not doing—to contribute to the problem? It’s not just others that are involved…You are too..

Personal accountability is sorely lacking—and urgently needed—in business and relationships as a whole. Wait no longer—do it now. Choose accountability and

Jump-start peace…

I know I need to..


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