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Deba Named Top Songwriter Artist by Universal

Deba is named top Songwriter-Artist of the year, winning the Gold Award by Universal for his chart-topping hit “Let you love me” by Rita Ora. Known as the prince of RnB in Germany, popular singer and songwriter Deba served as a trendsetter and symbol of freedom of expression for youth during a time when music, hairstyles and fashion trends were sweeping the social media. He is the original creator of the viral #DontJudgeMe 2015challengethat became widely popular to empower young people to feel beautiful in and out.

In 2019 Deba’s career reached high peaks. He is the first Albanian songwriter to rise to prominence after making major hits at Universal. Deba is the winner of the Gold Award from Universal as songwriter of top hit songs that sold over 100,000 copies. After being signed by Universal Music Group in 2017 Deba went on to write songs that became gold, including “Let you love me” by Rita Ora (wrote the chorus); “Dose” by Ciara (co-wrote lyrics and composition); “Sweet but Psycho” by Ava Max (composition); “Drive me crazy” by Sean Paul (co-wrote) and for many other internationally known artists. Rita Ora’s “Let you love me” became a huge success wining the Golden CD.  

Deba has wowed producers and fans worldwide with his unique style, catchy lyrics that get stuck in your head continually repeating in your mind. He started singing and writing songs at a very young age. At 14 years old Deba started writing his own lyrics and contacting different producers. At the beginning people didn’t know him as an artist and didn’t want to work with him. So Deba started to put demos out to get his music heard. He continued to work hard and build his fan base over the next years and became famous throughout Europe in Germany, Albania and Kosovo. 

Deba (born as Deba Dakaj) is the winner of Best Newcomer Voice in Germany and 2nd place winner of the Music Nation competition, a Universal Music talent show in Germany. His hit songs include “Like Wooh”, “On Me”, “Lollipop” and “Stop!”. His debut album “Finally me” released in 2011 earned 25 million youtube views.

Deba remains a true artist with a loyal following on social media. While Universal is supporting his music and songwriting path, Deba continues to work on his own music. He will soon be releasing new tracks for his hardcore fans that grew up with him and have followed him since the beginning.

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