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  • We all have experience the tense moment when we don’t agree! Especially when we have solid facts or have more knowledge and experience.


Most common causes of “right” versus “wrong” disagreements are differences in perspective where one tries to gain the upper hand by asserting that their perspective is actually the “right” one. This doesn’t always end well .. Especially when egos are involved and BOTH parties want to be heard.. What if each individual has a valid point? How can each person heard and come to a compromise of the minds ….


I have a big problem myself with waiting my ‘ turn’ to speak or ‘ agreeing to disagree’ it’s hard especially when you feel you make more ‘sense ‘ or there’s no understanding to go around.


Or is there ??

Let’s be fair, nobody knows everything. We all just know enough based of life experiences and failures, that has taught us what works and what doesn’t..

But it also applies to BOTH ndividuals too.. Bingo! So you mean there’s really NO right or wrong?

Let’s find out …

When you find yourself feeling strongly about a belief or value, or when you find yourself feeling that you are “right” and your partner is “wrong”, take a moment to consider that you may be caught in a difference of perspectives. In this case, no one is “right”, and no one is “wrong”. You’re just two people seeing a situation from a different angle and a different life experience.

Is there a solution? I sure hope so!

Here’s a few suggestions I find helpful through trial and error and research:

  • Remember: neither side is “right” and neither side is “wrong.”
  • Remove Sarcasm  and disrespectful statements, and don’t look to stack evidence against the other. If you want respect give it .
  • Both sides can be equally valid, even if you disagree with the other perspective. 
  • Forget finding a winner — look to understand the other perspective even if you don’t agree with it.
  • Compromise, or agree to disagree
  • Male and female disputes are number ONE for  not LISTENING  to each other or use gender to insult or disregard points made.

Maybe if  we look at each other as equals and less rivals we all can speak to one another not to prove a point, or to have dominance but to simple make relating better for everyone…

The Saga Continues…..


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