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Jim Crow segregation laws varied by county and state, so black motorists didn’t have the freedom to play anything by ear — food, gas and lodging would probably be off limits during stretches of their journeys. Black travelers risked more than the humiliation of being turned away at restaurants or service stations; they often encountered harassment or physical danger if they inadvertently stopped in the wrong town.

Now more than ever, we need each other,  We need each other for insights, we need each other for advice on the ground and everywhere else. We should want to see other parts of the world. Explore your roots our history, there is so much knowledge and  different ways of living  beyond our backyards ..

Most won’t even fly ! Most wouldn’t even dare to see ancient pyramids to research as a family for vacations to learn collectively about the world we live in.

Social media also gives a sense of what domestic travel looks like through the eyes of a person of color and more ..

We read and watch documentaries but have we ever decide to save money to travel to lands that identify with who we are ? I live for learning and researching; I respect our ancestors for their strengths to endure the discomforts that make us today comfortable …

So take a trip and explore the world… Enjoy the annual cookouts another time ….


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