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Angelo – Bad Tingz ft. Monte Biggz (Official Music Video)



Angelo is an up and coming Canadian rap artist with a unique style of music and a captivating style of performing. He has been an opening act for big names such as T-Pain, J.Cole, Elephant Man, Tyga and more and was a guest on the California based radio show, The Blaze Indie Show L.a… Angelo can be followed on twitter @YoungGDaking as well as be heard on and He has been the featured artist of the week on New York’s on a couple of occasions and also has a music video on Angelo also travels back and forth to Los Angeles to connect with fans and create a network of supporters. With comparissons to Lil Wayne, he is determined to break beyond the boarders of his home in Canada and taking the new young generation of mainstream hip hop lovers by storm with his original and groundbreaking music.

social media:
Instagram @angelo_k.i.n.g
twitter @YoungGDaking

Bad Tingz from Angelo’s upcoming project CALABASAS
follow @angelo_k.i.n.g & @Montebiggz on i.g

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